Can Ducks Eat French Fries

Can Ducks Eat French Fries?

French fries are one of the most loved and popular snacks consumed all over the globe. They are very easy and quick to prepare, making them a very ideal snake any time of the day. They are often consumed as the main course or a snack. Their accessibility thanks to fast food outlets and restaurants means lots of french fries are be consumed annually. Unfortunately, that also means a lot of french fries are discarded as garbage when they go bad. It is no surprise therefore given the wide spread availability and popularity of potatoes and french fries that a lot of people specially those who keep ducks would want to inquire whether or not ducks eat french fries. Ducks are not very picky when it comes to french fries and will eat them when offered, however it is not ideal to feed ducks french fries.


Why French Fries Aren’t The Best Snack For Ducks

Unlike humans, ducks like most birds and animals are not very picky and will consume almost anything offered to them, therefore it means the responsibility of ensuring that the food stuffs offered to ducks are actually good for them rests with the person keeping the ducks. Ducks will consume french fries however if one finds themselves in a position where they are offering french fries to ducks, it is wise give to them in moderation. This is because french fries if consumed in excess by ducks can lead to gastrointestinal issues, weight gain and salt poisoning, together with other unforeseen health issues. French fries are made of potatoes and normally ducks do consume potatoes with very little issues. French fries however might not be the best way to feed potatoes to ducks. It is rather ideal to feed ducks cooked potatoes or mashed potatoes. Due to the fact that french are fries made with oil, their nutritional content is very low. They are also packed with unsaturated fat and fat being fat may lead to obesity and any other weight related problems.

Negative Effects Of Feeding French Fries To Ducks

Unlike cooked or mashed potatoes, french fries aren’t the best snack to offer to ducks for several health reasons. One of these concerns is salt poisoning. As anyone who has ever eaten french fries would testify, that french fries just aren’t complete without salt. This very salt can be problematic to ducks. Normally a little salt is no issue, and is actually beneficial to ducks since it will help in optimizing how the duck produces meat and milk. Too much salt however can to be problematic to ducks, leading to problems such as eggshell defects. Salt also known as sodium chloride can cause a shortage of calcium concentrations and bicarbonates. Carbon dioxide tension in the fluid that covers the egg can also result. When this happens egg-shells become thin and non-existent. This can be problematic because the thin shells will allow bacteria to easily flow into the egg and cause health concerns to the egg.

Weight Gain And Heart Diseases

One of the biggest problems that can arise due to feeding ducks french fries is weight gain, this because french fries are loaded with calories. French fries are prepared using cooking oil which is known to contain unsaturated fats and which when eaten by the duck will lead to weight gain. The problem with weight gain in particular is that it is usually a gate way to other health problems such as heart diseases, mobility issues and obesity. All of these which will cause developmental problems with the duck. Heart diseases are not very likely in ducks however they can occur, especially thanks to french fries and especially if the ducks are kept in commercial settings. Veterinarians have found that french fries’ consumption has negative effects to ducks such as high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and any other health related issues.

Digestive Problems

Digestive problems can arise if french fries are given to ducks. This is because uncooked or under-cooked french fries are indigestible. Digestive ailments such as diarrhea and gastrointestinal issues can arise thanks to french fries being indigestible. Potatoes have high levels of starch and this is problematic mainly because ducks unlike humans can’t process complex sugars well enough. It is rather advisable to feed ducks other snacks such as pellets and salads. This is because pellets have many essential nutrients such as vitamins, amino-acids and minerals while salads such as arugula, dandelions, millet leaves and chicory can be very good for the ducks. It advisable however not to feed ducks salads such as coleslaw and potatoes as these offer very little benefits to ducks and can actually be problematic.

What To Do If Ducks Eat French Fries

A small amount of french fries eaten by ducks should not be a problem, the duck might have a few digestive issues such as vomiting and diarrhea in response to the upset. However, too many french fries might be a serious problem. They may be a need to immediately visit the veterinarian to get the problem checked out and see if there are any major issues to the duck. It is also wise to note that homemade french fries, just like fast food french fries can be problematic, and hence it is wise to avoid them when considering a snack to feed the ducks. Cooked potatoes, together with boiled and mashed potatoes might actually be a better deal thanks to the high starch and carbohydrate levels and fewer calories in mashed potatoes as compared to french fries.

Other Bad Food Substances For Ducks

Besides french fries there are other bad food stuffs for ducks. These include most junk foods such as crackers, donuts, cereal, popcorn, chips and bread. These can cause serious health issues to the ducks and it is wise to consider other food substances that are much better for duck. These include wheat, barley, oats, rice, cracked corn, milo seeds, birdseed and nut hearts. Frozen peas that have been defrosted, earthworms and mealworms, together with vegetable trimmings and duck pellets are the ideal food substances for ducks to feed as snacks.


In conclusion french fries are not very ideal to feed to ducks due to the salt content and oils that can cause major problems such as heart diseases, weight gain and eggshells defects. It is rather wise to feed other food substances such as barley, wheat and cracked corn to ducks. If a duck consumes too much french fries it is therefore advisable to seek medical attention.