Cows Eat Meat

Can Cows Eat Meat?

Knowing which type of foods to feed your cows can be very helpful especially if you are going to be keeping them for commercial purposes. The article below indicates whether cows can eat meat. It will also recommended other alternative foods you can use to feed your cows.


Can Cows Eat Meat

Yes, cows can eat meat but in moderate amounts since their stomachs are naturally created to digest plant matter. Cows are herbivores by nature, which means that they were created to eat plant matter only. However, their stomachs are strong enough to digest moderate amounts of meat. When meat is offered in excess to cattle, there is a risk that they will develop mad cow disease which is scientifically referred to as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy. So when feeding meat to your cattle, make sure that you give it to them in moderate amounts in order to minimize their risk of getting mad cow disease.

Reasons Why Cows Eat Meat

Cows can sometimes wonder off and look for their own food, and there have been many reports of cows having eaten chickens and other different types of meat. If you are wondering why these animals eat meat yet they are termed as herbivores then you are not the only one. Below we look at the different factors that may force these animals to eat meat.


One of the justifiable reasons why a cow may eat meat is because it will be hungry. If your cattle is starving and the only food sources available are meat, there is a good chance that it will resort to eating meat. So if you have cattle, make sure you provide them with sufficient cattle feed.

Lack Of Nutrients

Another common reason why cows may resort to eating meat is because they will be lacking certain nutrients in their bodies. This means their immune systems will be craving for these nutrients which can also be found in meat. Therefore, always ensure that you give your cattle a balanced diet so that they do not end up craving certain nutrients which are found in meat.

Farmers Choice

Sometimes, cows are forced to eat meat by their owners. This mainly happens when there is a shortage of feed on the farm or they want the cattle to grow abnormally big or fast.

Negative Impact Of Meat On Cows

While, meat can be offered to cows in moderate amounts, it is highly recommended that farmers should refrain from feeding their cows meat. Below we look at some of the negative effects of meat to cows.

Digestive Problems

One of the most common problems experienced by cows that take excessive amounts of meat are digestive problems. Cows are herbivores and they have 4 stomach chambers that are designed to digest plant matter only. Therefore, an introduction of meat to their diet usually slows the digestion process thus causing digestive problems. So in order to prevent this from happening its best to avoid adding meat to their diet.

Mad Cow Disease

Another common problem experienced by cows that eat meat is mad cow disease. This is a disease that was first discovered in Britain in the 1960s. Mad cow disease is a neurodegenerative disease of cattle that is very deadly. When this disease was discovered in Britain, farmers were now producing cattle feed from meat and bone meal from slaughterhouse waste.

How Do Cows Digest Meat?

Cows are ruminant animals which means they have 4 stomach chambers. However, all these chambers are designed to digest plant matter. When cattle consume moderate amounts of meat, the digestive bacteria in their gut tries to digest the meat. However when consumed in excess, the digestive bacteria might fail to digest all the meat which can cause the meat to rot in a cows stomach. When it rots, your cattle will experience digestive problems and in worst scenarios it may die.

Do Cows Eat Chicken Meat?

Yes, cows can eat chicken meat even though they are naturally created not to eat any type of meat. When you see cattle feeding on chickens, there is a chance that they are lacking certain nutrients or they are starving. You should also call the vet so that he or she may check your cattle for any diseases since meat tends to interfere with the health of cows.

What Happened If Cow Eats Beef?

If a cow consumes excessive amounts of beef, there is a high probability that it will develop mad cow disease. In some instances it will develop digestive problems.

Can Cows Swim In Deep Water?

Yes, cows can swim in deep water but only for up to a distance of 100 meters. In times of floods, there have been many incidences of cattle swimming in search of shelter or for forage. The head position of many cattle is designed in such a way that it can stay afloat even in deep waters. Furthermore, they have strong leg muscles which makes it easier for them to navigate the deep waters.

Can Cows Eat Radishes?

Yes, cows can eat radishes because they can be digested by the rumen. When offering radishes to cattle make sure you cut them into small pieces so that they do not choke on them. Radishes should be offered as a snack and not a substitute for cattle feed since they do not necessarily meet the dietary requirements of cattle.

Can Cows Eat Pear?

Yes, cows can eat pears. They contain vitamin C and K which help the immune system. Pears also contain anti-inflammatory properties and they also promote good digestion. When pears are being offered to cattle, the seeds should be removed so that animals do not choke on them.

Final Words

Cows can eat meat in moderate amounts however, it is not advisable to feed them meat. This is because there are many risks associated with this practice. Cattle are herbivores, meaning they are supposed to survive on plant matter therefore, treating them like carnivores or omnivores can have a negative impact on their health.