Sheep Eat Bananas

Can Sheep Eat Bananas?

Knowing which type of food to give to your sheep is very important, especially if you want them remain healthy. In this article we discuss whether sheep can eat bananas and what the benefits of doing so might be.


Can Sheep Eat Bananas

Yes, sheep can eat bananas but in moderate amounts. This is because bananas can be digested by the rumen of a sheep and they are filled with so many nutrients and vitamins. Sheep can consume both the inner and outer peel of a banana without facing any adverse reactions. It is worth noting that, although bananas are rich in so many vitamins and nutrients, they can only be offered as treats or supplements to sheep. This is because they do not contain all the vitamins and minerals that these animals need in order to grow.

Nutrition And Health Benefits Of Bananas To Sheep

Good Source Of Fiber

Sheep need fiber in order to promote good gut health and bananas are a good source of fiber. When these fruits are consumed in moderate amounts they can aid with digestion in your sheep’s stomach.

Contain Vitamin B

Another health benefit of bananas to sheep is that they contain vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6. These vitamins helps to boost the immune system. They also help to increase metabolism. The B vitamins also help to promote a healthy nervous system.

Contain Vitamin C

Bananas contain vitamin C which helps the body to produce antibodies. These antibodies help the body to fight or resist certain diseases. So if your animals are always getting sick, try giving them foods that are rich in vitamin C.

Contain Potassium

Potassium is a mineral that is also found in bananas. This mineral helps to maintain the right pH level in the stomachs of sheep so that fermentation can easily happen in the rumen. Potassium also helps to promote good heart health in sheep.

How To Feed Bananas To Sheep

Before feeding bananas to your sheep, it is very essential that you choose 100% organic bananas since they are healthy. The next thing you should do is to cut the banana into small pieces. This is because if you give a sheep an uncut banana, there is a huge risk that it may choke on it. Bananas should be offered in moderate amounts or else they can cause health problems to these animals.

Effects Of Too Many Bananas On Sheep


If you give excessive amounts of bananas to your sheep, there is a risk that they will succumb to diarrhea. This is mainly because bananas contain a bit of water and if animals take too much of them they may end up getting diarrhea. Secondly, the stomach of a sheep is designed to digest grass, hay and other forages so if you give it excessive amounts of fruits it will struggle to process the food.


Excessive consumption of bananas can lead to bloat in sheep. Bloat usually happens when the rumen is unable to digest foods properly. When bloat is not treated it could lead to death.

Excessive Weight Gain

Another downside of giving your sheep too many bananas is that they can end up gaining excessive amounts of weight. This can then cause other health problems for them in the future.

Will Sheep Eat Banana Peels?

Yes, sheep will eat banana peels, they actually find them to be very tasty. When giving peels to your sheep it is highly important that you cut them into small pieces. This helps to minimize the risk of your animals choking on them.

Can Sheep Eat Raw Bananas?

Yes, sheep can eat raw bananas. In fact giving raw bananas to these animals is actually the most recommended way of feeding them the fruit. Raw bananas are filled with fiber, potassium, vitamin C as well as various B vitamins.

Can Sheep Eat Grapes?

Yes, sheep can eat grapes mainly because they can be digested by the rumen. Grapes are rich in vitamin K, C and B. They aid with digestion in a sheep’s body and they also help these animals to stay hydrated. Grapes should be offered in moderate amounts to these animals mainly because they can lead to diarrhea when consumed in excess. It is worth noting that grapes can never be used as a substitute for livestock feed since it doesn’t meet the energy requirements of these animals.

Can Sheep Eat Clover?

Yes, sheep can eat clover but in moderate amounts. The type of clover that sheep should consume is white clover. This is because it contains less phytoestrogens as compared to other varieties like red clover. White clover is rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. It also promotes weight gain in these animals. It is however important to know that while, white clover might be healthy, it doesn’t necessarily meet the energy requirements of these animals. Therefore, it should only be used as a supplementary feed.

Can Sheep Eat Celery?

Yes, sheep can eat celery but in moderate amounts. This is because celery has a high water content and can lead to diarrhea when consumed in excess. Celery is rich in vitamin C, B6, potassium, and vitamin K. This vegetable has got a lot of fiber that can help with digestion in the rumen. Furthermore, it has a high water content that can help these animals to stay hydrated. It is worth noting that celery can only be used as a treat or snack for your animals. This is because excessive consumption of it may lead to health problems.

Can Sheep Eat Ivy?

Yes, sheep can eat ivy but in moderate amounts. This is because excessive consumption of this plant can lead to toxicity in animals. Ivy contains anti-inflammatory properties and it also helps to improve the appetite of these animals.

Final Words

Bananas are a good fruit to include in the diet of your sheep. They are filled with so many vitamins and minerals that can boost the immune system of these animals. Remember that you need to offer this fruit in moderation to avoid any health complications.