Quails Eat Strawberries

Can Quails Eat Strawberries?

If you are keeping quails either for meat production or their eggs, it’s important that you give them the right foods so that they remain healthy. In this article we will be discussing whether strawberries are a good addition to a quail’s diet.


Can Quails Eat Strawberries

Yes, quails can eat strawberries, this is mainly because these birds are omnivores so they can basically eat a variety of foods including fruits and vegetables. Strawberries are a good source of vitamins for these birds and they are also filled with multiple minerals and nutrients. When offering strawberries to quails it is very important that you remove the stems and leaves first. This is because these parts are highly toxic to these birds.

Nutrition And Health Benefits Of Strawberries To Quails

Aid With Digestion

One of the health benefits of strawberries to quails is that they aid with digestion. This is mainly because it contains fiber which helps to promote good gut health in these birds. Furthermore, these fruits contain a high water content which also helps promote good digestion. So if you want your quails to be healthy, you should consider adding strawberries to their diet.

Rich In Vitamin C

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C which helps to strengthen the immune system of quails. These birds are highly susceptible to a number of diseases. Therefore, if you feed them foods that are rich in vitamin C they will develop a stronger immune system.

Reduce Dehydration

Strawberries have a high water content and can help to reduce dehydration in quails. It is important to note that strawberries cannot be used as a substitute of water even though they may help reduce dehydration in your birds.

Contain Potassium

Another health benefit of strawberries to quails is that they contain potassium. This is a mineral that helps boost the immune system by promoting normal blood pressure in the birds. Furthermore, it helps with bone and muscle development.

How To Feed Strawberries to Quails

When feeding strawberries to quails, you need to ensure that they are 100% organic and free from pesticides. Once, you have done that, you need to wash them. This helps to remove any pesticides that might have been used. When they are clean, you should remove the stems and leaves of your strawberries. This is because, they can be highly toxic to these birds. Slice up the strawberries into small pieces so that your birds can easily enjoy them. Strawberries should be offered in moderate amounts. This is because they have a high sugar content and might cause gastrointestinal distress in quails. Strawberries can be mixed with the regular food and water of quails or they can be placed in a separate dish were the birds can easily peck at them during the day.

Are Strawberries Safe For Quails?

Yes, strawberries are safe for quails. This is mainly because these fruits are seedless, so they will not do any harm to your birds. Furthermore, they are a good source of vitamin C, B9 and K. The only part of a strawberry that might prove to be harmful to a quail are the stems and the leaves. This is because, a quail’s digestive system is not strong enough to digest those parts, and as a result, your bird might face adverse reactions and ultimately die. So if you are going to be offering strawberries to your quails, make sure you get rid of the stems and leaves first.

How Many Strawberries Can Quails Eat?

As previously mentioned, strawberries have a high sugar content and should be offered in moderate amounts to quails. One would therefore question what moderate means? A handful of diced strawberries can be considered as a moderate amount per day. Offering too much of this fruit to your birds can cause them digestive problems, which is something you would never want. Remember never to use strawberries as a replacement for the actual feed for your quails.

How Often Can Quails Eat Strawberries?

Quails should only eat strawberries once in a while. This is because they are sugary and can cause digestive problems to your birds. When giving these fruits to your birds please ensure that you are offering them in conjunction with other healthy foods. This is because, although quails are rich in different types of vitamins, they do not necessarily meet the energy requirements of these birds.

Can Quails Eat Strawberry Leaves?

No, quails cannot eat strawberry leaves. This is mainly because, their stomachs cannot digest these leaves. Although quails are known to eat certain leafy greens, they still cannot digest strawberry leaves. Therefore, never offer any strawberry leaves to your quails as they may face adverse reactions.

Can Quails Eat Strawberry Tops?

No, quails cannot eat strawberry tops. This is mainly because they can be poisonous to these birds. Therefore, it is of paramount importance never to give strawberry tops to your birds as they may end up dying.

Do Quails Eat Fruit?

Yes, quails can eat certain fruits without facing any adverse reactions. Some of the most common types of fruits that these birds enjoy include apples, strawberries, blackberries, grapes, huckleberries, currants and dragon fruit. So if you want to add fruits to your quail’s diet, you should definitely consider these ones.

What Can Quail Not Eat?

Quails are clever animals in the sense that they will never eat anything that is toxic to them unless they are starving. Some of the foods that quails do not eat include parsley, stems and leaves of a tomato plant, caffeine, avocado, citrus foods and grape seeds.

Are Strawberries Toxic To Chickens?

No, strawberries are not toxic to chickens however, they should be offered in moderate amounts to them. When offering this fruit to your chickens make sure you use it in conjunction with other healthy foods since it does not necessarily meet the dietary needs of your chicken.


Strawberries are a good fruit to add to your quail’s diet. Therefore, if you have a bit of them on your yard, make sure you slice them up and offer them as treats to your birds.