Pigs Eat Eggs

Can Pigs Eat Eggs?

Pigs do not have as much dietary diversity as other livestock. Pigs are often sensitive to certain kinds of foods. That is why you need to know what pigs can and cannot eat. At times when pig farmers are desperate they can end up feeding pigs anything. This can stem from how usually costly it is to feed pigs; on average, 70 percent of total costs. This stems from the fact that feeding pigs is an area of crucial importance. This is because the return on investment in pig farming heavily depends on weight gain and meat quality. Today we are answering the question of whether or not pigs can eat eggs.


Pigs Can And Should Eat Eggs

Pigs can eggs; they should eat them. This is because of how nutrient-rich eggs are. What makes eggs perfect for pigs is that they are not processed. That makes their protein content unprocessed and thus richer than processed versions. Protein is of notable mention here because it should be an integral part of the pig diet. Proteins should cater for an average of 12 percent of the pig’s diet.

Benefits Of Eggs To Pigs

The growth and development of pigs, especially early on, requires lots of proteins. Eggs are laden with proteins plus eggs are also full of other vital nutrients. Examples of such nutrients are calcium, vitamins, fats, and several essential minerals. All these nutrients are instrumental in all the growth phases of a pig.

It is important to note that a pig’s diet might not always have enough proteins. Consider pigs that mostly live on foraging. It is usually the case that their diet may be lacking in proteins. Adding in eggs will ensure you pigs get adequate proteins. Plus there is the bonus of other important nutrients.

What Type Of Eggs Should Pigs Eat

Pigs can eat eggs in raw form. When they are raw eggs the pigs can eat as many as possible. The only downside is that if they eat too many it can limit their urge to eat other foods. That is why it might be prudent to be moderate in how many eggs the pigs eat. Pigs can also eat egg shells. Egg shells are rich in calcium which is good for the pigs’ bone and teeth health.

Just make sure the eggs shells are crushed or ground before the pigs eat them. This will avoid the possibility of the egg shells injuring the pigs or choking them. Pigs can also eat the eggs or the egg whites separately. The egg in its entirety is healthy for the pigs. When eggs are rotten, they are out of the question; they are unsafe for your pigs.

Is There A Limit On The Number Of Eggs Pigs Should Eat?

A grown pig must eat at most 5 eggs in a 24 hour period. However, you should not feed the pigs eggs every day. This is particularly so for raw eggs. If pigs eat raw eggs daily health issues can result. It is recommended that you feed the pigs with eggs once in 7 days. If you are to exceed this you should only feed them 2 times a week. This will give the pig adequate time to digest the eggs. Remember that eggs are nutrient-dense. Plus excessive intake of eggs will lower the pigs’ appetite for other foods. These are other foods which will have nutritional significance in their diet. If pigs eat too many eggs they can also become obese. Their cardiovascular system can also be compromised. As a principle you should limit the number of eggs pigs eat.

NB: When it comes to egg shells there is no need to limit. This is because egg shells’ protein content is not too significant. The other good thing is that egg shells are far easier for pigs to digest. Pigs can comfortably eat egg shells every day without any negative consequences. After all, the egg shells are rich in calcium; an essential mineral for pigs.

How You Should Feed Eggs To Pigs

Pigs Eating Raw Eggs

There are a number of feeding approaches when feeding pigs with eggs. The first option is to feed them whole eggs. This means feeding the eggs to the pigs raw as they are, with their shells on. This maximizes nutrient intake because the pigs get everything. However, raw eggs can cause pig health complications such as diarrhoea. You just have to be sure the eggs are well-cleaned and are not rotten inside.

Pigs Eating Cooked Eggs

Cooking the eggs before feeding them to the pigs may increase palatability. Pigs tend to prefer cooked eggs better. Cooking often entails making scrambled eggs. Two important things though; do not add salt and oil (or butter). Do not make the mistake of feeding the pigs with hot cooked eggs; safer that way. They also prefer boiled eggs even better. You can choose to peel the boiled eggs first or feed them as is. If they have their shells on they will be more nutritious so that would be better. For grown pigs it should be safe.

Incorporating The Eggs Into Other Feeds

Thus you can consider those 3 options namely, raw, cooked, or boiled. You can feed the pigs with all 3 egg forms to see which one they prefer most. You are not limited to just feeding the eggs directly to the pigs. You can incorporate the eggs into the other foods pigs eat.

Final Words

There is no question about how healthy eggs are for pigs. Pigs sure can eat eggs and in various forms. Due to some risks in them eating raw eggs you might have to settle for cooking them first. Otherwise if you do not overdo it, raw eggs will be okay for your pigs. What is important is to feed the eggs in moderation. Feeding the pigs the right proportion of eggs matters immensely. When in doubt consult animal health experts or veterinary professionals.