cows jump

Can Cows Jump?

If you are planning on building a fence for your cattle then you are most probably wondering if cows can jump, or how high they can even go so that you can extend the height of your fence. In this article we address all these questions for you.


Can Cows Jump

While cows have a heavy physique, they can actually jump especially if they are looking for food or water. This might sound surprising to many people because cows look bulky on the outside and no one would ever dare think these animals can jump. So if you have been dreading about putting a longer fence for your cattle, you definitely need to erect it since your cows can end up escaping. It is important to note that whilst cows can jump, it’s very rare to catch them in action since jumping tends to make them use too much energy.

Reasons Why Cows Jump

Knowing the factors that push a cow to jump up and down can help you in the long run especially if you are planning on keeping these animals. Below are some of the most common reasons.

Searching For Food And Water

One of the most common reasons why a cow may jump is when it is searching for food and water. If a cow notices that there is no food or water nearby, it will resort to jumping the fence in search of food. Therefore, always ensure that you put adequate food and water so that they do not end up running away.

To Unite With Loved Ones

If cows are separated from their loved ones, they can end up jumping fences in a bid to reunite with their families. So if you constantly see a cow escaping from a fenced area, there is a chance that it might be looking for its family. When cows are separated from their calves, they often jump fences so that they can go and look for their loved ones.


If there are threats or predators close by, your cattle may jump and run away as a way of trying to save their lives. So if your animals are constantly jumping and running away, you need to investigate whether there are any predators within the vicinity.


When cows are happy, they tend to jump up and down. This usually happens when they find greener pastures or when they are reunited with their family after a long separation. So if you see a cow jumping up and down in one spot, there is a good chance that it is excited

How High Cows Can Jump

Cows can jump up to a height of 5 feet. Therefore, it’s important that you erect fences that are above 5 feet on your farm, especially when you do not want your cows to wonder off into the wild.

Reasons Why It’s Rare To See Cows Jumping

Whilst cows can jump, it’s very rare to see them in action. Below we highlight why this is the case and whether you should be worried if your cow doesn’t jump.

Takes Up Too Much Of Their Energy

One of the main reasons why it’s rare to find cows jumping up and down on a farm is because it takes up too much of their energy. Cows are bulky animals and they spend about 7 to 12 hours eating in order to meet their daily requirement of nutrients. They then use the remainder of their day to digest their food. If they try to jump up and down continuously, they end up using a lot of energy which makes them feel tired and weak.

Afraid To Get Hurt

Another reason why it’s rare to see cows jumping is because they are scared to get hurt. Their hooves and legs are very sensitive. Therefore, excessive jumping can cause injuries to them.

How To Prevent Cows From Jumping

If your cows are constantly jumping the fence, here are a few tips and tricks you can use to get rid of the problem.

  • Erect a longer fence that is more than 6 feet tall.
  • Build an electric fence on your farm.

What Does It Mean When A Cow Jumps Up And Down?

When a cow jumps up and down on one area without running away it means that it is excited or happy. However, if it jumps up and down whilst running away, there might be a chance that there are predators within the surrounding. Therefore, always pay attention and try to investigate the causes before running into conclusions.

How Do I Stop My Cow From Jumping?

The best way to stop a cow from jumping is to erect a fence that is more than 5 feet tall. This is because these animals can only jump up to a maximum of 5 feet. Therefore, if you build something that’s tall, it deters them from trying to run away.

Can Cows See In The Dark?

Yes, cows can see in the dark. This is mainly because they have an extra reflective layer behind their retinas known as a tapetum. This reflective layer allows them, to see in low light situations. So as long as there is a moon or stars, cows can see perfectly in the dark.

Can Cows Have Blue Eyes?

Yes, cows can have blue eyes, either because of a genetic condition or because of a disease. Cattle that have blue eyes that are as a result of a genetic condition usually have a gene known as Oculocutaneous Hypopigmentation (OH). This gene is non-lethal in nature and it is often derived from the Angus breed of cows. Cattle that have blue eyes as a result of genetics can function just like any other cow although, research shows that they are a bit more sensitive to light.


Cows can jump however, it’s very rare to catch them in action. If your cows have a tendency of jumping the fence, try to investigate what the reason might be or you can simply erect a longer fence.