Cows Eat Broccoli

Can Cows Eat Broccoli?

Livestock production continues to grow and farmers are always looking for alternative foods for their animals. This has seen many farmers resorting to the use of fruits and vegetables to feed their cattle. Below we look at whether broccoli can be used to feed cows.


Can Cows Eat Broccoli

Yes, cows can eat broccoli but in moderate amounts. Broccoli is rich in a number of vitamins and minerals which makes it a good addition to your cow’s diet. It is important to note that, while, broccoli is a good source of nutrients, it does not necessarily meet the dietary needs of cows. Therefore, it can never be used as a substitute for livestock feed, but rather as a snack or treat for these animals.

Nutrition And Health Benefits Of Broccoli To Cows

Aids With Digestion

One of the health benefits of broccoli to cows is that it aids with digestion. This is mainly because it contains a lot of fiber which is required by the rumen in order for proper digestion to take place. So if you want to improve the gut health of your animals, it’s important to offer them foods that are rich in fiber.

Contains Vitamin C

Another health benefit of this vegetable to cows is that it is rich in vitamin C. This vitamin helps to boost the immune system such that it becomes resistant to certain diseases. Broccoli should be added in moderate amounts to the diet of livestock.

Contains Vitamin K

Vitamin K can also be found in broccoli. This vitamin helps to strengthen bones and it helps to reduce the chances of blood clots in cows. So if you have cows that are showing a vitamin K deficiency, you definitely need to add a bit of broccoli to their diet.

Contains Vitamin A

Broccoli contains vitamin A which helps to promote good eyesight in cows. So if you want your cattle to have good eye health, you can always add moderate amounts of this vegetable to their diet.

Contains Calcium

Another health benefit of adding this vegetable to your cow’s diet is that it is rich in calcium. This mineral helps to maintain strong bones and teeth in your cattle. So if you want your cattle to have strong bones, always add moderate amounts of this vegetable to their diet.

Contains Potassium

Broccoli contains potassium, a mineral that helps to improve muscle and nerve performance in cows. Potassium also helps with the creation of new cells in a cow’s body. Therefore, if you want your cattle to be strong, always include foods that are rich in potassium.

How To Feed Broccoli To Cows

When planning on introducing broccoli to your cow’s diet, it is recommended that you use organic broccoli. This is mainly because, conventional broccoli contains pesticides and other chemicals that can make your cattle sick. Before, giving the broccoli to your cattle, make sure that you wash it in order to get rid of pests or bacteria. Once that is done, you can move on to cut the broccoli into small pieces. This will help to ensure that it does not your cows do choke on it. Lastly, you should remember that broccoli should be offered in moderate amounts to your cattle meaning, it should not exceed 5-6% of their natural diet.

Possible Effects Of Broccoli To Cows

When broccoli is offered in moderate amounts to cows, they will not face any adverse reactions. However, when offered in excess your cow may experience certain effects. For starters, your cow may experience bloat if it consumes too much of this vegetable. This is because, this vegetable contains a high level of calcium and sulfur which can affect the pH levels in a cow’s stomach. Your cow may also experience constipation or other digestion problems if it consumes an excessive amount of this vegetable. Therefore, always ensure that you monitor your cattle’s intake of this vegetable in order to avoid any problems.

Is Broccoli Good For Cattle?

Yes, broccoli is good for cattle. This is because it contains a number of vitamins and minerals that can boost the immune system of cattle. This vegetable is rich in vitamin C, K and B6. It also contains potassium and has a high fiber content. Although broccoli is good for cattle, it should be offered in moderate amounts. This is mainly because, it can lead to bloat or constipation when consumed in excess.

What Vegetables are Good For Cows?

Cows are known to eat a variety of vegetables. Below are some of the most popular vegetables that are good for them.

  • Cabbages
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Kale
  • Carrots

Is Broccoli Safe For Chickens?

Yes, broccoli is safe for chickens. This is because it is filled with a number of nutrients and it can easily be digested by these animals. When feeding broccoli to chickens make sure you use it as a treat and not as a substitute for their feed since it does not necessary meet their energy requirements.

Can Cows Eat Meat?

Yes, cows can eat meat but in moderate amounts. When cows are feed excessive amounts of meat they can develop mad cow disease or digestive problems. Therefore, if you are going to be feeding meat to your cattle, make sure that you only give them moderate amounts of it.

Can Cows Eat Radishes?

Yes, cows can eat radishes because they can be digested by the rumen. Radishes have a high fiber content and they also contain potassium. This vegetable can only be offered to cattle as a snack and not as a replacement for livestock feed. This is mainly because it does not contain all the vitamins and minerals needed by a cow for it to grow.

Can Cows Eat Zucchini?

Yes, cows can eat zucchini. They are packed with fiber, potassium, vitamins A, B6 and C. Zucchini should be offered as a snack to cattle, since it can cause digestive problems when consumed in excess.


Cows can eat broccoli but in moderate amounts. It is worth noting that this vegetable should be offered in moderate amounts in conjunction with livestock feed since it does not meet the energy requirements of cows.