Alpacas Live With Goats

Can Alpacas Live With Goats?

Keeping various animals on your farm is a great way of promoting self-sustenance. If you are thinking of keeping alpacas and goats on them same piece of land checkout the article below to see if it is possible.


Can Alpacas Live With Goats

Yes, alpacas can live with goats. This is mainly because they are both ruminant animals and rely on almost a similar diet. When keeping alpacas and goats on the same piece of land it is important that you carter for all their separate nutritional needs. This is because, although they consume a similar diet, they have different percentage intakes of grass or forage. This means that, you need to provide them with supplementary pellets that meet their different dietary needs. Keeping alpacas and goats on the same piece of land has its own advantages and disadvantages which we will discuss.

Advantages Of Alpacas And Goats Living Together

Saves Space

One of the advantages of alpacas and goats living together is that it saves space on the farm. This means that instead of building multiple barns on your yard, you can simply build one that is big enough to accommodate these animals.

Effective Utilization Of Pastures

Another advantage of keeping alpacas and goats on the same piece of land is that it promotes effective utilization of pastures. Although, alpacas and goats have a similar diet, it’s worth noting that they prefer different plants. This means that those plants that are not eaten by goats will definitely be eaten by alpacas. This then promotes effective utilization of pastures.


An upside of keeping goats and alpacas on one piece of land is that alpacas protect goats from predators. So if you stay in an area that has predators like foxes, your alpacas will be able to guard goats from those animals.

Disadvantages Of Alpacas And Goats Living Together


One of the disadvantages of keeping alpacas and goats together is that the goats may end up getting bullied by the alpacas. This is mainly because alpacas are a bit bigger than goats, so when they get into an argument, alpacas can kick or hurt goats which can result in injuries amongst your herd.

Increased Spread Of Diseases

Another downside of keeping alpacas and goats in the same piece of land is that there could be an increase in the spread of diseases. This is because these animals share the same disease. So if one goat gets a certain disease, it can be passed to the alpacas and the goats as well.

Reduced Sanitation

Another reason why it may be a bad idea to keep alpacas and goats in one place is because they will poop in one area which then reduces the sanity of that place. So if you are going to be keeping these animals in one place you should be prepared to clean up after them regularly.

Things To Consider Before Keeping Alpacas And Goats Together

While these 2 types of animals can live together, there are actually a few things you need to take note off before finalizing your decision. Below we look at some of the things.

Stocking Density

Before agreeing on keeping both animals on the same area you need to first need to look at the stocking density on your farm. This means that you need to calculate the amount of alpacas and goats you can bring onto your farm. If you bring in more animals that what your farm can accommodate, there is a chance that the animals will be overcrowded which can result to overgrazing and increased spread of diseases.

Availability Of Vegetation

Another thing to consider before bringing in these animals to live together is the availability of vegetation on your land. Research whether the vegetation on your land is palatable for these animals. You wouldn’t want a situation whereby you bring in goats and alpacas so that they can starve.

How To Ensure That Alpacas And Goats Live Peacefully Together

While there are a lot of disadvantages associated with raising alpacas and goats together, there are actually a few things you can do to ensure that the process is easier for you.

Provide Them With Food

One of the things you can do to ensure that alpacas and goats live peacefully together is to provide them with food that meets their dietary needs. If both animals are starving, they become frustrated and may end up fighting amongst each other.

Proper Housing

The shelter you build for these animals should be big enough to accommodate them. Alpacas are a bit bigger and will require more space, so make sure that the shelter accommodates them. You wouldn’t want a scenario whereby your animals are overcrowded.

Health Care

You need to provide both animals with proper health care. Goats are more susceptible to diseases so make sure you treat them earlier before the diseases spread to your alpacas.

Are Alpacas Good With Goats?

Yes, alpacas are good with goats. This is mainly because they have the same diet and they can actually protect goats from predators.

Will Alpacas Protect Goats?

Yes, alpacas will protect goats if they are staying in the same area. Alpacas are able to protect these animals from predators like foxes if they are not a pack.

Can Sheep, Goats And Alpacas Live Together?

Yes, sheep, goats and alpacas can live together. However, you need make sure that you provide them with enough space so that they do not end up fighting or competing for food.

Can Cows And Goats Live Together?

Yes, cows and goats can live together. This is mainly because they rely on the same diet. When keeping these animals in the same area, make sure that the barn is big enough to accommodate all the animals. Furthermore, you should make sure you provide them with proper medication so as to reduce the spread of diseases amongst these animals.

Final Words

Alpacas can definitely live with goats, so if you are looking to save space on your farm you can always keep these animals together.