Alpacas Eat Watermelon

Can Alpacas Eat Watermelon?

Keeping alpacas is an easy task, especially when you know the right foods to give them. Below we look at whether watermelons can be offered to alpacas and what their possible benefits might be.


Can Alpacas Eat Watermelon

Yes, alpacas can eat watermelon. This is mainly because their stomachs can digest it and also it is filled with so many vitamins and minerals. Although, watermelons are rich in a number of vitamins, they cannot be used as a substitute for alpaca’s feed. This is because they do not meet the energy requirements of these animals. This means that they do not contain all the vitamins and minerals needed by an alpaca.

How To Feed Watermelons To Alpacas

Watermelons should be fed as treats to alpacas. This is because they have a high sugar content so they can cause digestive or other health problems to these animals when consumed in excess. When feeding watermelons to these animals, make sure that you remove the outer skin of the watermelon. This is because, it is rough and your animals will have a hard time digesting it. You should also cut the fruit into small pieces so that your animals do not choke on it.  Watermelons should not make up more than 10% of your alpacas diet.

Nutrition And Health Benefits Of Watermelons To Alpacas

May Prevent Dehydration

One of the health benefits of watermelons to alpacas is that they help to prevent dehydration. This is because they have a high water content and research shows that watermelons are made up of 90% water. So during the summer time you can offer watermelons to your alpacas so that they stay hydrated. However, it is important to note that this fruit cannot be used as a substitute for water so make sure that you continue offering these animals water.

Promote good digestion

Another health benefit of this fruit is that it promotes good digestion. This is because, it contains fiber which promotes good gut health in the alpaca’s body. Furthermore, it has a high water content which also helps to make the digestion process very easy. So if you are looking to improve the gut health of these animals you need to give them foods that have a high fiber content.

May Prevent Oxidative Stress

Watermelons contain an antioxidant known as lycopene. This antioxidant helps to fight oxidative stress in alpacas. Furthermore, lycopene helps to reduce the chances of your animal succumbing to chronic diseases.

Contain Vitamin A

Watermelons are rich in vitamin A which help to promote good eyesight in alpacas. So if you want your animals to have improved eyesight it’s important that you give them foods that are rich in vitamin A.

Contain Vitamin C

This fruit also contains vitamin C which helps to boost the immune system. Vitamin C helps the body produce antibodies which can help to fight to resist certain diseases. So if you want the immune system of your alpacas to be on point, you should give them moderate amounts of watermelon or foods that are rich in vitamin C.

Contain Potassium

Watermelons contain potassium which helps to promote good bone and muscle performance. So if you want your alpacas to have good bones and muscles you should give them moderate amounts of this fruit.

Things To Consider Before Feeding Watermelons To Alpacas

If you are planning on introducing watermelons to your alpaca’s diet, it is very important that you ensure that the fruit is 100% organic. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you introduce it in small amounts. If you offer your alpacas big pieces of the watermelons, they might not like them which is why smaller pieces are recommended. You should also remember that watermelons do not contain all the vitamins and minerals needed by an alpaca to survive so you should offer it in conjunction with other healthy foods that meet the energy requirements of this animal.

Can Alpacas Eat Watermelon Rinds?

Yes alpacas can eat watermelon rinds. This is because they are rich in a number of vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, the digestive system of alpacas can digest them if they are offered in moderate amounts. Watermelon rinds are rich in fiber which aids with digestion and they also help to lower blood pressure. So if you are going to be offering this fruit to your animals, you can always include the rind.

Can Alpacas Eat Watermelon Seeds?

Yes, alpacas can eat watermelon seeds, mainly because they can be digested by their stomachs. These seeds are a good source of protein and unlike other fruit seeds that are toxic, these seeds have so many health benefits. It is important however, to know that your alpacas can choke on the seeds, which is why some farmers prefer removing them.

Can Alpacas Live With Goats?

Yes, alpacas can live with goats. This is mainly because these animals have a similar diet and they are also able to co-exist on the same piece of land. Keeping alpacas and goats together is a great way of saving space and fully utilizing the pastures. When keeping these 2 animals together it is very important to keep in mind the stocking density and the availability of pastures on your farm. This helps to ensure that your animals do not compete for the available pastures.

Can Alpacas Eat Oranges?

Yes, alpacas can eat oranges. This is because they can be digested by their stomach. Furthermore, they are a good source of vitamin C and vitamin A. Oranges can also prevent constipation in alpacas and they can also help to lower their blood pressure.

Can Alpacas Eat Corn?

Yes, alpacas can eat corn but in moderate amounts. This is because if alpacas consume excessive amounts of corn, there is a risk that it may cause their sugar levels to rise which in turn can lead to diabetes in these animals.


Watermelon is a good fruit to add to your alpaca’s diet however, make sure that offer it in moderate amounts. This is because it may lead to health problems when offered in excess.